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With the latest release of MEDIPORT (web-based portal for office reports), AceInfosys now provides "VIRTUAL OFFICE" capability for doctors and clients.

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AceInfosys adds a feature for doctors to FREEZE their report to mark it as a final copy and prevent it from further edition or deletion.

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AceInfosys now provides a way to FAX reports from the website itself.

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AceInfosys adds capability to EMAIL reports from the website.

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What is Mediport?

Mediport is our Web based Medical Office Portal for managing your reports. It offers extensive document management features that allow you to view, search, edit, email, fax, freeze your reports.

What is Freeze?

The freeze option provides users a way to lock or finalize a file such that it may not be edited any further. Sometimes a file may be inadvertently edited or deleted by the client. The freeze feature enables doctors to not allow anyone, including themselves, from editing the file. File locking feature is an add-on feature and can be enabled from the enable option in the "View Freezelog" page. Once you freeze the file it will still show up in your search results but you won't have the capability to edit or delete the file. You can still view and save the file to your own computer.

What is Email feature?

The Email feature allows clients to email their reports to anyone. Clients can add all their contacts to their account using "Manage Contacts" and they will be able to access all their contact information from anywhere.

What is Fax feature?

The Fax feature allows clients to Fax their reports to anyone in US. Clients can add the commonly used fax numbers to their accounts using "Manage Contacts" and they will be able to access their contact information from anywhere.