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Aceinfosys is a leading Medical Service Provider company based in California, USA. We offer a complete solution to handle the back-end of your Medical Practice including Websites, Medical Transcription, Billing, Answering Services, IT support and Medical Portal. We analyze all aspects of your Practice and produce customized solutions to effectively handle all your medical office needs. We help to reduce your overhead and increase your profits.

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Services, from startup to enterprise

Our Goal Is To Always Deliver Excellence Through Our Professionals, Our Knowledge And Our Methodologies.

Medical Transcription

  • Free Medical Portal
  • TAT as low as 2 hours
  • One click upload

Billing & Codding

  • Reduced Write-offs
  • Consistants Cash Flows
  • Increased Practice Revenues

Medical Portal

  • Web Document Managment
  • Fax/Email/E-sign Reports
  • Data Backup & Recovery

Web Solution

  • Website Development
  • Web and Email Hosting
  • News, Email, Blog & Surveys

IT Support

  • System Support
  • IT Support
  • Data Security

Answering Services

  • 24x7 Scheduling
  • Patient Followups
  • Medical Answering Service

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We nurture every client relationship with commitment, passion and integrity

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